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Upton Fish Shop Upton Fish Shop Upton Fish Shop
Upton Fish Shop Upton Fish Shop Upton Fish Shop
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Opening Times
Friday 5.30pm - 9.00pm
Saturday 11.00am - 1.30pm

NEWS (17 December 2023)
That's All Folks!

The shop is now closed for our annual winter shut down. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & a happy & healthy New Year. We look forward to re-opening again which will be Friday 9th February 2024 at 4.30 pm. XXX

Mr. Frank Apisa
“I was stationed at RAF Sturgate back in the mid 1950's...and twice a week went out the back gate to the Chippery for Fish and Chips...the most delicious food ever invented. (Half the base visited the shop every week.)

I remember Mrs. Longdon...with her hat. Glad to see "the hat" is still part of the scene.

Ahhh...what I wouldn't give for a trip back there...just for that meal!”

Mrs Karen Levorson Laughlin
“What a wonderful surprise to find you are still open after all these years! Back in the early 60's my family lived in the "cigarette houses" set up for the US Air Force who worked at the Hemswell RAF Base. As a youngster, I actually worked at the shop in 1962-1963 - back in the days when fish & chips was served in real newspaper. All the fish and chips that I've had since that time have never, ever measured up to that from this shop in "Upton near Gainsborough"!”

miss Queenie Hellie
“My family of four had the haddock and chips on Saturday and oh my days, they were just gorgeous! Everyone in the car was silent and every now and then all you could hear were little rumblings, murmers of appreciation and sighs of satisfaction.

Best fish and chips EVER. To literally die for, everyone was in raptures. Thank you for the loveliest chippy ever.”

Dr Nigel Carter
“My Mum lives in Gainsborough, so every time I visit from California we have to make the pilgrimage to Upton Fish Shop. Best Fish and Best Chips anywhere in the world, bar none!!!
Why can`t you set up a shop near me in San Diego? Why???”

mr john unwin
“a work mate told me about them. an hours drive and half hour queing....was it worth it.....absolutely,the best cod,chips and peas i have ever had,bearing in mind i am 57 and fish an chips is my favourite food,it is no feat....fantastic”

Mrs Anne Blount
“Memories of childhood!! Over 70 years ago my granny used to run a very popular chippie in Derby and trained my mum in the art. Since her death many years ago I thought the taste of "proper" fish and chips was lost forever until I heard about Upton. Having recently moved to Retford my husband and myself now visit as often as poss and are licking our lips for hours afterwards. Meeting friends from Lincoln there tonight - can't wait!!”

mr mac clarke
“I flew up to Sturgate aerodrome from Leicester with two friends on Saturday 2nd October 2010. We were dropped off at the Upton Chippy by the air traffic controller where we were able to sample what can only be described as the best fish and chips ever! There will be many more pilots flying in, once we spread the word - Brilliant!!!”

Mr John Foxley
“Visited this place for the first time today! Should be a National Institution! Part of the National Trust! Excellent food! And the mushy peas? I will be buying pots of them on my next visit! Heavenly!
Great place! If you have not been before, take time out to visit this National Treasure shop.... only open twice a week though!”

mr Andy Wignall
“By far the best fish and chips we've ever had, we come about once every three months as a special treat, we eat every scrap and our kids eat the lot too. The down side is that we are constantly disappointed with Fish and chips from anywhere else, as they taste so horribly bland and we always feel ripped off and only eat half of them. When we try to explain to people how good Upton's are, they just don't understand.....until they try them.”

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