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Mrs Karen Doolan-Smith
“We stumbled across this little gem many years ago. This chippy is nostalgic to say the least. It reminded me of my childhood in many ways. The queue was HUGE.... trust me when I say, I would stand in that queue for 24hrs. The fish and chips were exceptional!!! Tasted like fried gold in a bag. Such a shame it's only open a couple of days a week. AMAZING!!”

Ms Maureen Barter
“Absolutely beautifully cooked and fresh Grimsby haddock, chips and peas. This was the first time I had visited this lovely fish and chip shop, which really is a national treasure in itself, with very hardworking and friendly staff. I'd heard all about how people travel from miles around, queue and "picnic" in the village. Along with many others I happily queued for two hours on Good Friday, whilst visiting for the weekend from Worcestershire, and it was well worth the wait!”

Mrs Pam Barley
“Having memories of fish and chips cooked in this way, and a friend sat telling me about this wonderful fish and chip shop. I am now booking my trip back to the uk just to have a trip to this fish and chip shop. Can't wait.
Abientot. Pam”

Mrs C Bradshaw
“We are staying in Upon for a few days celebrating my birthday. We were advised to try the fish and chips from here, we had never heard of this shop. There was only a small queue at 5.30, about 30mins wait in total, but the cod fish was beautifully fresh, large flakes of fish, and the chips were beautiful, highly recommend from here, so glad we were told about the shop, Thank tou Sally.”

Mr Mick Hesketh
“Been on my bucket list for ages even though we only live half an hour away! These are fish and chips how they used to be, cooked in the right way. They are fabulous. Even the shop itself has a proper old chippy smell,its superb. We used to have a local old family chippy called James's which was on a par with this one but it closed over 35 years ago. Thanks for happy memories of how fish and chips should taste!!!”

Mrs Jill Bullock
“Dear Sally, so sorry to hear about your Mum. Our thoughts are with you
Jill and Stuart x”

mr victor cook
“hi thanks for being open on Friday lunch time,the best fish and chips I have eaten since 1962,there was a fish and chip shop next to the queens head pub in sandy that had the same, range as you have I must say how friendly everyone in the qeue outside were every one spoke to me making waiting time go very quickly, the chips were fantastic as was the haddock, took 2 cans of diet coke back to the car ,and my wife commented what have you got in your pocket, coke I said she thougt I was pleased to see here thanks also to the friendly staff who could see the funny side of life a real pleasure to be served by them. thanks so much for making my journey so worthwhile good luck to you both in the future, see you again shortly thanks vic cook”

Mr Colin Dolby
“So looking forward to you reopening in the future, getting withdrawal symptoms now. Best fish and chips ever.”

Mr Clive Towle
“As always, best Chippy ever.
There just isn't another place that does fish and chips like it.
Happy, chearful and helpful service. Keep it up, we'll be back again soon!”

Mr Gary Sunderland
“210 miles round trip. And worth the tip. Must go a again. Lovely. Staff. Lovely villages. Gary”

Mr & Mrs Ian &Jane Heald
“WOW Amazing thanks for making the 68 miles round trip well worthwhile. These are the best fish,chips & peas we have ever tasted. This was our first visit but will not be our last.”

Mr Richard Kelly
“Visited your Chippie with friends on the occasion of my 70th Birthday. A very good friend drove us a 100 miles to sample the best fish & chips I have ever tasted. What a great experience. Keep up the excellent traditional way of frying fish and chips, and please don't close. I will be back - thank you.”

mr gary white
“Iam a bit of a fan of Fish & Chips to say the least, these are as good as I've ever had, beats the Magpie in Whitby by a country mile.”

Mr John Mayo
“I was on a skydiving instructor course at Sturgate Airfield in early 80's. We were told about the local chippie, and duly turned up one evening for fish & chips, which I remember to this day! So I was highly delighted to see this article some 35 years later - keep up the good work!”

Mr Paddy Rover
“Went on holiday in Lincoln and went up there to give it a try.
What a great taste and freshness. You can taste the sea. Lovely and very traditional. Will be back”

Mr John Priestley
“Gainsborough boy of 65 years now living in the USA for the past 10 years,what do i miss of home a good pint,a full English and Upton fish and chips, well i will be traveling the 4,000 miles in August 2017 to sample all 3.”

Mr Dean Rich
“Date night for me and my girlfriend, we loved the nostalgic tea time treat. Great tasting fish and chips served with a smile.”

Mr Terryle Speaker
“I was stationed at Sturgate from June 1954 to August 1957 and ate several times from the fish shop in Upton. I could hardly wait for the next fish dinner. I lived in Lincoln and married a "Yellow Belly" from Lincoln. She has passed and I am now 82 years old with fond memories of your village. I have been back once in 2011.”

Mr Dave Clarke
“Fantastic food, reminds me of when my parents ran their own chip shop just before the war. Fond memories!”

Mr & Mrs Emma and Matt Isle
“Popped today after many years of biking past.

So well worth the wait. In fact the hours queue listening to the locals and not so locals made it all the more special.

Thanks to all you ladies for the personal service and the great produce. Its so obvious you really care about every portion that goes out.

Please, please don't ever change things.

Well done.”

Mr. Frank Apisa
“I was stationed at RAF Sturgate back in the mid 1950's...and twice a week went out the back gate to the Chippery for Fish and Chips...the most delicious food ever invented. (Half the base visited the shop every week.)

I remember Mrs. Longdon...with her hat. Glad to see "the hat" is still part of the scene.

Ahhh...what I wouldn't give for a trip back there...just for that meal!”

mr peter gray
“Taste just like they did when I was a kid. That's when the yanks where stationed there.”

Mrs Karen Levorson Laughlin
“What a wonderful surprise to find you are still open after all these years! Back in the early 60's my family lived in the "cigarette houses" set up for the US Air Force who worked at the Hemswell RAF Base. As a youngster, I actually worked at the shop in 1962-1963 - back in the days when fish & chips was served in real newspaper. All the fish and chips that I've had since that time have never, ever measured up to that from this shop in "Upton near Gainsborough"!”

Mrs Karen Hopkinson
“Wow, Wow, Wow, What else could we say.
Karen,Vic Elaine & Steve enjoyed the best fish and chips ever.
This was our first visit of many more to come.”

mrs muriel scott
“NOTHING TO SAY BUT Mmmmmmmmm no words to describe these delicious fish chips and peas, many thanks to our grandson for taking us , he said there brill ,couldn't agree more, best ever.”

mrs sandra clifton
“Simply the best fish and chips you will ever have! Nothing comes close, truly outstanding!”

Mr Ray Hunter
“I was one of the USAF bunch that was stationed at RAF Sturgate from 1955 to 1957. Loved the fish and chips then, wish I could have some now!”

miss Queenie Hellie
“My family of four had the haddock and chips on Saturday and oh my days, they were just gorgeous! Everyone in the car was silent and every now and then all you could hear were little rumblings, murmers of appreciation and sighs of satisfaction.

Best fish and chips EVER. To literally die for, everyone was in raptures. Thank you for the loveliest chippy ever.”

Dr Nigel Carter
“My Mum lives in Gainsborough, so every time I visit from California we have to make the pilgrimage to Upton Fish Shop. Best Fish and Best Chips anywhere in the world, bar none!!!
Why can`t you set up a shop near me in San Diego? Why???”

mrs zoe almond
“We visited here on friday night 4/4/13 and was not disappointed at all.we had the
Jumbo haddock and it was lovely biG white chunks of fish I could of eaten it again.I had the curry sauce but was not keen on that wish I had the peas or gravy if they did it,but never mind that won,t put me off returning as it was great food maybe you will consider some gravy or beans.lol”

Mr Robert Robinson
“I worked for Horners of Grimsby on Gainsborough Market as a schoolboy in 1970 72 where Geoff Horner selected the very best Haddock and filleted himself for Mrs Longden who was always regarded has his most valued customer demanding the freshest fish. I loved it because she always gave me half a crown for putting it in her car.”

miss adel loxley
“My family and i have been enjoying meals from upton chipshop for well over a decade. we have had generations sat at the table on a saturday afternoon all tooking in and yes completely finishing the plate. I like alot of the fish and chips shops in this area. but upton chips are my favorite by far. they taste incredible. i am very much looking forwar to goin to my grandparents house and also bringing my children to enjoy another upton fish and chip shop lunch... yummmmmm!”

mr john unwin
“a work mate told me about them. an hours drive and half hour queing....was it worth it.....absolutely,the best cod,chips and peas i have ever had,bearing in mind i am 57 and fish an chips is my favourite food,it is no feat....fantastic”

Mrs Max Tomlinson
“Tried fish and chips from your new shop in Scotter yesterday. VERY impressed. The beef dripping makes them extra tasty. Lovely.”

Mr Dicky Poole
“Wow what yummy Fish & Chips, took a de-tour on my way to Gainsbourgh, So nice the chimney smoking whilst waiting on the lane in the queue, could smell the food cooking as my tummy rumbled.
Cant wait to visit again.”

Mr & Mrs Mick & Pat Needham
“We found out about this chippie nearly 20 years ago when owned by Mrs Longdon but Sally is doing an excellent job carrying on her legacy. We try to come as often as we can, bringing friend's with us as they have to taste it to decover how good they are.

Three Cheers for Sally,Janet & Co.
Keep up the good work & have they elected another pope yet! LOL”

mrs janet hewitt
“friday was our first visit to upton chippy our neice mandie took us,she had told us how good it is,she was not wrong it was mouth watering,janet&bernard”

Mr Darren Robbins
“First time at the famous Upton Chippy tonight and we weren't let down from what we've heard. Got to say the best ever fish and chips! I will be back again with my fellow eaters. Great service with friendly staff. Our next visit won't be a long time away. Great credit goes to Sally.”

mr dean priestley
“hi just been to upton chippy for the first time defo wont be the last was very nice and tasty, friend at work recommended a drive out , i,ll be telling my friends how nice too, see you again soon”

Mr Robin Merrall
“I remember the Upton Chip Shop from circa 1975.

I used to run a few errands for Mrs Fotheringham after l had been helping Mr Till on early Saturday mornings. I would go down there with my hard earned 50p (3 hours work in those days) and get myself a bag of deep fried potatoe ends and the crispy bits of batter. The village has expanded somewhat since then but l hope the Chip Shop still maintains its homely villagey character. I will be up that way later in March and will definety make the Chip Shop one of my stops.

Robin Merrall”

Mrs Anne Blount
“Memories of childhood!! Over 70 years ago my granny used to run a very popular chippie in Derby and trained my mum in the art. Since her death many years ago I thought the taste of "proper" fish and chips was lost forever until I heard about Upton. Having recently moved to Retford my husband and myself now visit as often as poss and are licking our lips for hours afterwards. Meeting friends from Lincoln there tonight - can't wait!!”

Mr Kenton Rose
“I grew up in the village of Kexby and used to walk to Upton with my dad for fish and chips. I have just been back today for the first time in a couple of years, and the fish and chips are still as good now, as they were back then. Thanks for bringing back some good memories. I was surprised to see Heather still works there, and Janet as well. I'm looking forward to coming back again soon.”


Mr Trevor Piercy
“We have a convoy of cars from Mansfield on a Friday, just for the fish and chips.
En route we pick up my friends dad who is 95, we just ring him beforehand and say Upton and he's at his front door waiting for us. Fabulous fish and chips
thanks from all of us.”

Mr David Connolly
“We heard about upton chippy via the guru of Val and came for our 1st visit last Saturday afternoon to enjoy the best fish & chips money can buy and in the words of my 7 year old son they were absolutlely wonderful we certainly will be having another visit soon !”

mr jack fontana
“I have sampled fish & chips on a global basis and i can say your's are the finest.”

Mr peter Biggles
“In 1970 a band of intrepid aviators from Doncaster Flying Club would fly in to sample Mrs. L's fish n chips every Saturday lunchtime.They are still as good as ever with Sally at the helm and although most of the gang have moved on, I still manage to call most week-ends for the meal of the week! The queue is fun with all the banter, but when we get tio the front - wonderful. Thank you all!!”

Me Steve P
“Well worth the wait well worth the travel can we buy the ladies a calculator and when will you start making pork pies and selling beer
I could buy a caravan then”

Mr Mick Ward
“Fancy that , having the pleasurable distinction of being the last customer of 2010 , and they were fantastic . Made even more enjoyable than ever , having "stolen" someone else's fish , thanks Tom !! . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sally & Co . xxxx”

mr mac clarke
“I flew up to Sturgate aerodrome from Leicester with two friends on Saturday 2nd October 2010. We were dropped off at the Upton Chippy by the air traffic controller where we were able to sample what can only be described as the best fish and chips ever! There will be many more pilots flying in, once we spread the word - Brilliant!!!”

Mr Kyle Spooner
“Absolutely by far the best fish and chips I have ever tasted. I'm moving from essex to Retford soon so I'll be there every Friday for those chips and a cheeky lunch on the Saturday! Well done upton chippy!”

Mr & Mrs Neil & Zena Garnham
“The staff always have a smile, so don`t worry if you have to queue a while, for the best fish and chips for many miles!”

Mrs Mandi Hill

mr Malcolm Sprake
“Heard of your Fish and Chips from a work colleague some 10 tears ago years ago, he thought it was worth the journey from Newark for your Fish and Chips, so we gave you a try also. 44 miles for Fish and Chips is a bit of a journey but it is worth it, has we have been back many times and will be visiting you again soon.
Malcolm and Barbara Sprake”

Mr John Foxley
“Visited this place for the first time today! Should be a National Institution! Part of the National Trust! Excellent food! And the mushy peas? I will be buying pots of them on my next visit! Heavenly!
Great place! If you have not been before, take time out to visit this National Treasure shop.... only open twice a week though!”

Mr Kevin Lawson
“We were camping in East Firsby and was about to check out the local F&C shop and your establishment came highly recommended. They weren't wrong. Thank you Upton Chippie, we'll be back. Again and Again.”

Mr Robert Smith
“I've spent the best part of my youth waiting to get to the door to shout 4 haddock please Mrs L. I've had fish and chips all over the world, and can say nothing has even come close, I'm back visiting Upton next month after years in excile. I know were I'll be the first Saterday afternoon!”

Mr Trevor Davies
“I have visitted Chip Shops up and down the country and am known locally as a bit of an expert. I can say quite categorically that Upton Fish and Chips are the best you can get!!”

mr Andy Wignall
“By far the best fish and chips we've ever had, we come about once every three months as a special treat, we eat every scrap and our kids eat the lot too. The down side is that we are constantly disappointed with Fish and chips from anywhere else, as they taste so horribly bland and we always feel ripped off and only eat half of them. When we try to explain to people how good Upton's are, they just don't understand.....until they try them.”

Mr Mick Ward
“I first visited Upton Chip Shop over 30 yrs ago , and after missing a few years in the 80s ,have missed only a few weekends since then.
Mrs Longden was a hard act to follow , but I have to say, that after a few "glitches" in Her early days ,Sally has risen to more than equal Her predecessors standards . I look forward to enjoying my weekly treat for the next 30 yrs. My wife says they are consistently better than ever .
Well done Sally.”



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